Concentrated powder laundry detergent for white and color fabrics

Does not contain

  • Phosphates

  • Phosphonates

  • Fragrances

  • Optical brighteners

  • Chlorine

  • Colorants

  • Safe for all washable fabrics (natural or synthetic)

  • Color safe

  • Works in hard and cold water

  • Suitable for hand and machine washing

  • Detergent that can be used for your whole family’s laundry needs



All washable fabrics: cotton, synthetic, white or color.


Types of soiling


Stains from oil, grease, starch, grass, blood, coffee, tea, wine, etc.)




Sodium percarbonate <40%, sodium hydrocarbonate 15-30%, zeolites 15-30%, anionic surfactants 5-15%, non-ioniques surfactants 5-15%, sodium sulfate 5-10%, sodium metasilicate <4%, enzymes (alpha-amilase, protease) <3%, silica <3%, resorbent (CMC) <3%


Fabric type


All washable fabrics except silk and wool.


Net. Weight

2 LB




36 loads.

Directions for use



Machine wash

Lightly soiled

1 load

1⁄2 scoop

Heavily soiled

1 load

1 scoop


1 load

1/2 scoop

Hand wash

1/2 load

1/4 scoop

Stubborn stains removal

1⁄2 scoop of Alive stain remover/deodorizer + 1 scoop of Alive laundry detergent