What are eco-friendly products for the home?
How do they help to maintain your body healthy?
“You are what you eat”, but it is also true that "you arehowyou live".
Our health strongly depends on our environment. Our nutrition, lifestyle
and our surrounding environment are all integrated parts that affect our health
and longevity.
The basis of human health is comprised of good nutrition,
a healthy lifestyle and a safe environment.
Is there a difference between improving
your health and achieving longevity?
Improving your health
is a short-term goal.
Many people spend their whole lives in a cycle of
destroying and fixing their health.
To achieve longevity
is a strategic life goal. There are many factors that contribute
to longevity – good health is an important part.
That is why a balanced diet, clean water, lifestyle and
a healthy environment in your house are so important.
Is it possible to ensure not only the appearance of a clean hose,
but also ecological cleanliness?
Alive™ household cleaning products were developed exactly for
that purpose. The most modern techniques and technologies were
used so that our products are effective and safe.
Alive™ Green is specially created for people who
prefer not to expose their health and surrounding
environment to harsh household chemicals
Assorted Alive™ household cleaning products
“Green chemicals”.
Achieving results – naturally.
The substances, which are directly responsible for the detergency of Alive™
cleaning products, are all naturally found in plants. Alive™ cleaning
products do not contain hazardous toxic substances such as
petroleum products, borates, phosphates, phosphonates,
optical brighteners, fragrances and colorants.
Quality cleaning and delicate care
Alive™ cleaning products are highly effective in removing stubborn
stains of animal and vegetable origin, oil stains and calcium
deposits and more. Alive™ products are suitable for all types of surfaces.
They are not abrasive, do not leave streaks, do not require rinsing,
and have an antistatic effect.
Ultra concentrated
Alive™ cleaning products are produced in a concentrated
liquid or powder form, thus making them more cost-effective
than other alternatives.
All Alive™ cleaning products are made with natural ingredients
that degrade to non-toxic inorganic compounds, which are harmLess
to humans and the environment.
Alive cleaning products are specifically developed for people
with allergies, asthma and hypersensitivity to chemicals.
They do not cause skin and respiratory tract irritation.
Safe for septic systems
Alive™ cleaning products do not contain harsh chemicals.
Therefore, they are safe for all septic systems.
High-tech manufacturing
The manufacturing of the Alive™ cleaning products is
environmentally friendly and safe. The latest energy-saving equipment,
innovative technologies, strict control at all stages of production and
continuous improvement of product composition result in an environmentally
friendly and safe manufacturing process.